"Big Size Without Tummy . . .I Love This"

When did it happen? You know, IT. When did everything become about a snatched waist and a flat tummy? I'd be pretending if I said it happened with the advent of social media. Women have been using corsets and waist clinchers for centuries, but it appears (at least to me) that social media has taken this need for a flat stomach to another level. Someone recently commented on one of my Instagram photos, "big size without tummy . . .I love this." I thought to myself, "so would you not love it if my stomach didn't appear flat-ish in this photo?""Would my outfit be less cute?" "Would I be LESS beautiful?" The truth is, my stomach is FARRRR from flat. Social media is all smoke and mirrors. In some photos, you can see my FUPA (Fat Upper Pussy Area) and in others, it's nonexistent. But it's there. It's been there. It may always be there. But what's wrong with that?

Within some body positive and fat spaces, and definitely within the plus size community, there is such a desire among fat women to look anything BUT fat. It's as though a fat body has to be free of back fat, rolls, cellulite, and BELLIES to be celebrated, loved, and adorned in whatever the hell it wants to be adorned in. I call BS on that and my body is MY body. It's not some societal picturesque expectation of perfection. And. So. What. I've seen and heard that only certain body types can wear certain styles, like a bodycon. You know, you have to have a certain body AKA an hourglass or pear shape with a flat stomach. Nah. I will wear a bodycon (or whatever else I deem acceptable or flattering for me). 

We must all have a coming to reality moment. People have bellies: flat ones, round ones, high ones, low ones. Don't let this photoshop-your-entire-existence-into-oblivion culture fool you. Bodies are STILL beautiful, although not tummy-free. You can either get into this FUPA, or not. Either way, 2017 is my year and I shall wear what I want. Period.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress: Fashion to Figure | Shoes: Simply Be