Here's to 25!

Yo. I am twenty-five. 25. I feel like I just graduated high school, or preschool for that matter. Just started undergrad. Just went to an international city for the first time. Just got my license. Life is just flying by, but here I am at 25. 25 means a lot not because I'm getting older or wiser, but honestly, many of the people from my childhood did not live to see 25. And that's real. So I am truly blessed to be writing this post today and for all the little hood girls like me, I am glad you are alive to read this. Trust, our longevity IS defiance.

I usually don't do much on my birthday, but this year I decided that I wanted to do SOMETHING memorable. I scoured the internet for cheap flights and got a SUPER cheap flight to New Orleans (NOLA). That coupled with a Delta voucher, I was innnnnnn there for $250. From the Virgin Islands, that is quite the steal. SIDE NOTE & #MajorKey: If you have a less than stellar experience with your airline: your flight is delayed significantly until the next day, for example; your tv monitor isn't working; you can't hear sound through your headphone jack, etc., notify a flight attendant, airline representative, SOMEONE and they will provide you with information to complain and in turn get COMPENSATED for the inconvenience. Hey, that voucher got me to NOLA after all, lol. 

                                                              Swamp Tour Kickin' It

                                                              Swamp Tour Kickin' It

For the first few days of the trip, we stayed at Hotel Le Marais. It was a perfect location as it's situated right in the heart of the French Quarter, literally a few steps from Bourbon Street. The staff is beyond friendly, the pool is heated (YES LAWD!), and the vibe is nice. I would definitely recommend it if you plan to visit this awesome city in the future. 

Y'all in just a few days, I probably experienced ALL that New Orleans has to offer: Bourbon Street, Frenchmen Street, a voodoo tour, a swamp tour, a street car ride, shopping, gumbo, etouffee, po boys, crab cakes, yeaaaaa just a whole bunch of food, lol. If you're not following me on Snapchat, definitely do so. I literally snapped my entire trip. I'm thriftedcloset on there! Anywho, my favorite restaurant was probably Acme Oyster House. The food was relatively inexpensive but incredibly delicious. I mean, everything was good. I got a charbroiled oysters (buttery HEAVEN) and seafood etoufee and my friends got shrimp and catfish po boys. All GOOD!! My banana fosters cheesecake was lit as well. Also, the service was beyond amazing. I have had pretty shitty service in my 25 years, but this place restored my faith in the service industry. Homegirl, was ONNNN point. 

I really had an amazing time! I must admit however, being born and raised in a tourist city, Bourbon and Frenchmen Street were beyond overhyped. I did what I could to try to be live, but NOLA's nightlife really left a lot to be desired. Although I don't drink, I did try a hand grenade courtesy of a nice fellow who heard it was my bday and it was tasty. Trust, that means a lot coming from my non-drinking ass, lol. What really made NOLA special for me was all the activities during the daytime, such as the swamp tour. I learned that Cajuns were White. Literally my mind was blown because I have NOOO idea, lol. I canoed for the first time and it was a lot of fun! We even spotted a 7 foot gator doing it's thing hanging out on a log. 

This trip was everything I wanted it to be and more: it was jam packed, exhausting, but totally worth it. Here's to NOLA, but most importantly here's to 25!

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XOXO, SheDel