Leveled Up To a Goddess

Dress:  HERE | Necklace: HERE

No white after labor day? False. No fat girls wearing white, ever? False.  Honestly, I don't live my life trying to break "fashion rules." I just navigate this world doing and wearing what the hell I want. I don't even think about it anymore. If I like, I rock it and I'm never bothered by what others have to say about me and my body. I know everyone doesn't think this way and we are all not there, yet. However, I feel so free, y'all.

My mom saw these pics and asked if I'm Superwoman (she's hella shady). No, I'm not a super hero by any means, but I sure am a goddess and even saying that, is telling society one photo at a time to kiss my (you know what)! 

The best part about looking like a goddess, is that it doesn't take a lot of money. My dress was only $20 (I'm wearing the 5xl)! Get it ASAP.

All my love,